Tournament Information

Rules and Regulations

  1. All anglers must abide by all State and Federal laws. 
  2. Registration — Will be held on Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at 7:00 PM at Pirate's Cove Marina, at Pavilion . All boats must be registered with the Tournament committee and all entry fees paid to qualify for prizes and trophies. Any substitute must be registered with the Tournament Director prior to fishing and will be permissible only if original boat becomes disabled. 
  3. Fishing Days —There will be three fishing days May 15th, 16th, and 17th).  Boats may either enter 1, 2 , or all 3 day(s) of the tournament.  Fishing hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM daily. No lines in water prior to 9 am. Any fish hooked prior to 4:00 PM may be played until caught. 
  4. Official Clock —Time starts the first day of the tournament. Official tournament time will be continuous GPS time. In case of tie in weight, time of weigh in will determine the winner. 
  5. Boundaries — All fish must be hooked within tournament boundaries which is from the northern boundary NC/VA border and the southern boundary being Drum Inlet NC.  
  6. Points System – All Cobia will receive 1 (one) point per pound. 
  7. Weighing Fish — Any fish weighed must be entered on the scorecard by the Tournament Weighmaster.  If anyone wants to have a fish reweighed, it must be done while fish is still hanging. All fish that have been mutilated will be disqualified. Mutilation shall be defined as damage which would impair the fighting ability of the fish. The decision of the weighmaster will be final. Weigh stations will close at 7:00 PM each day of the Tournament.  There will be 3 official weigh stations: Pirates Cove Marina, Teach’s Lair Marina, and Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.
  8. First two fish harvested will be eligible for weigh in.  
  9. Scoring —All cobia will receive 1 (one) point per pound.  Teams may weigh no more than two cobia per day.  Top boat honors will be determined by adding together the weights of the team's heaviest two cobia from each day of fishing.  
  10. Tie Breaker – Winner will be determined by weight. Weighed fish will be recorded in fractions of a pound. If two or more entries are of the same weight. The fish with the earliest weigh-in time will determine the winner. 
  11. Polygraph Testing – Crew members, Captain and Mate of money winning boats and individual trophy winners may be subject to polygraph testing before receiving any money and/or trophies. Polygraph test for winners will be completed at a designated time and location. By virtue of signing the entry form, participants agree to the final decision of the polygraph test. Refusal to submit to the polygraph test will be automatic grounds for disqualification from the Tournament and any winnings. 
  12. Protests - must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Director by 5:00 PM on Sunday night (17th) . Protests must be submitted in writing with a deposit of $100 which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.  The Rules Committee at their discretion may use polygraph testing to reach a decision. By virtue, or signing the entry form all participants agree to the final decision of the Rules Committee. 
  13. Cancellation Policy - If weather and /or other conditions exist that require that the tournament be cancelled, refunds will be paid less tournament expenses. The decision to cancel the tournament will be made by the Tournament Director. One day of fishing by at least 10% of the field constitutes a tournament.  
  14. Prize money - Checks will be made payable to the entrant or authorized agent of the winning boat as designated on the official entry form. Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID must be listed on the entry form. Checks will be mailed within 30 days of tournament event. 
  15. Anglers -There is no limit to the number of eligible anglers per boat. All anglers must be registered with the Tournament prior to each day's fishing.  Any fish caught by a non-registered angler will be disqualified. 
  17. Forum Selection/Indemnification - All participants, owners of vessels and pro hoc owners of vessels, consent and agree that the federal and state courts for Dare County, North Carolina, shall serve as the sole venue for all litigation and disputes, including, but not limited to, Pirate's Cove Yacht club & Marina, Tobin Enterprises, Inc, and Pirate's Cove Big Game Tournament Series, Inc. (also known as 'Tournament’), rulings, property damage, personal injury, and contract disputes arising out of a person or vessel's participation in the Oceans East Tuna Tournament.  If a participant does not secure the signature of the vessel's owner and / or pro hoc owner for this agreement, the participant(s) agrees to indemnify the Pirate's Cove Yacht Club & Marina and Tobin Enterprises, Inc. against all claims brought by the owner and or pro hoc owners of the vessel(s). Any participant whose action causes Pirate's Cove Yacht Club & Marina or Tobin Enterprises, Inc, Oceans East Tuna Tournament, its officers, directors, sponsors, owners and employees, to occur legal expenses, shall indemnify, hold harmless and reimburse said persons or entities from such costs.  The rules and release shall also be binding on my heirs, executors, administrator or assignees. 
  18. 10% of entry fees and calcutta's will be donated to the fisherman's fund.