1.Registration: Basic entry registration fee is $500 per boat per day of fishing. Each boat is allowed to enter up to 3 days.All paid entries including calcuttas must be received before 8pm onOctober 30, 2019. Any entry fee paid with a dishonored check automatically voids boat entry.

2.Pay Structure: Each basic Entry is eligible to win the largest swordfish division (1st-50% / 2nd-30% / 3rd-20%). An optional “Largest Swordfish Calcutta” is available with each basic entry for an added fee. Calcutta Largest Swordfish (1st-50% / 2nd-30% / 3rd-20%)In each level, 10% of entries will be used for tournament expenses (Trophies, awards party, etc).

3.Tournament Dates and Fishing Hours: November 1st-30th. Teams may fish any day in the month of November . Lines in will be 8am-5pm. Any fish hooked before lines out may be fought after hours.


To declare a fishing day, Teams must “text message” the committee number by 8pm the day prior to fishing. A response will be given to acknowledge the entry. Procedure:Send a text message to the committee number(757) 613-2360that includes your team’s entry number/boat name/fishing day.Example:001/BoatName/11-01

4.Captains Meeting: A voluntary captains meeting will be held at Oceans East Tackle Shop inVirginia Beach on October 30th, 2019 from 6pm-8pm. Any rule changes that occur will be posted on the tournament site. 

5.Ports & Boundaries: Boats may depart from any port in the state of Virginia.There is no boundary for the fishing grounds during the tournament.

6.Tackle & Angling Requirements: All fish must be caught on a rod and manually cranked on a reel with a hook and line by any conventional method. No electric reels are permitted to be used unless the motor can be removed during tournament hours. Reel Cranky devices attached to a drill can be used to check baits. J-hooks are permitted in dead, live and artificial baits. No limits on number of lines. Buoy rigs can be used if the bait is always connected to a rod and reel inside the boat. Harpoons and flying gaffs can be used to land fish. Fighting chairs, rod holders, and multiple anglers may be used to catch fish.

7.Regulations: All Federal and State regulations must be followed; any violation is grounds for disqualification. Each boat fishing in the tournament will be allowed to keep 1 swordfish per person with a maximum of 4 fish per day.

8.Weigh-In Procedure: Weigh-in times will be from 8am-5pm at the Virginia Beach Fishing Center(757-491-8000).If your team cannot make weigh-in for that day, the fish may be weighed the following day. Special arrangements can be made to weigh fish after hours. Each entry may only submit 1 swordfish to qualify for prizes from each fishing day.Fish may be transported by vehicle to the VBFC weigh station.In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed in will be considered the winner.All winners are subject to a polygraph test